The Hotel La Pigna takes its name from the pinecone, finding its highest expression in the Versiliana pine forest, near the structure. This place was also frequented by the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio for his famous horseback rides, becoming a source of inspiration for his literary works.

The pine forests that flank the Versilia coast are a natural spectacle that embraces this land.

Dedicated to those who love to feel good.

Our shared spaces represent the beating heart of everything we offer, creating a unique atmosphere where stories intertwine, friendships spontaneously arise, and memories become indelible.

We love the color green.

Green is a balm for the soul, which is why our hotel is immersed in an oasis of lush nature where plants become allies of relaxation and serenity.

Creating an atmosphere that promotes deep well-being and regeneration of vital energy during your vacation.

"The work of art is not an object, but a relation between the object and the space it occupies."
(Marcel Duchamp)

Art is not just an object to admire, but an experience that involves all the senses. In our hotel, art is present in every space, creating a unique and stimulating atmosphere.